Address the Chairman

Notes on electronic registration

  • Electronic registration is closed 1 day prior to the reception date.
  • The citizens are sent electronic notification related to participation.
  • Identification card is required from the citizens coming for reception.
  • Not legible and inaccurate applications are not registered.
  • Applications related to admission to service at customs authorities are to be addressed to the Human Resources Department of the Committee.

Dear users of the web page

Official webpage of the State Customs Committee is a means of promoting the right of citizens to request in compliance with 57th policy in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The official webpage of the State Customs Committee allows citizens to send emails, to write us about matters that are of their interest, and to make requests and complaints. Before you make an online request to the State Customs Committee, please review the following rules.


Before submitting an electronic application to the State Customs Committee, please read the following rules:

1.Electronic applications submitted through the official internet website of the State Customs Committee are received by the relevant structural subdivisions of the State Customs Committee, are registered and considered according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On rules of considering citizens' queries" No 1308-IVQ dated 30 September 2015, as well as the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On rules of documentation concerning citizens' appeals at government or municipal bodies, at legal entities and budget-funded organizations, which are owned by state or municipalities and whose control package of stakes (assets) is owned by state or municipality" No 950 dated 23 June 2016.

2.More information is available on the State Customs Committee's official website. As you fully understand the capabilities of the Web site, you will find the answers to the questions that interest you. For this reason, the questions contained in the web site and same repeated appeals will not be considered.

3.You must first contact the heads of the relevant departments of the State Customs Committee about your problems. If your problem are not solved, in this case you can apply to the Chairman of the State Customs Committee.

At the time of application to the Chairman of the SCC please indicate whom you addressed before and send the reply received from that person. Otherwise your question will not be answered and considered.

4.Before writing the application text, it is important that the intended form is properly filled out.

5.The text must be entered in the alphabet of the language it is written in. Rules of using fonts and punctuation marks must be observed, the text must not be written entirely in upper or lower case, and must be divided into sentences.

6.The text must be written clearly and fluently.

7.Rules of ethics must be observed. The query will not be answered if it contains impolite phrases or the information submitted is not accurate (or if the author does not provide accurate information about himself / herself).

8.Due to particularities of processing large information traffic, please take the following into consideration:

·The time for submitting a query from one source is limited by one to five minutes depending on the busyness of the server;

·The electronic query must not contain attachments. Attached files will be accepted when considering your application.

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